Pantry Tour


It’s been way too long since I have posted a photo on my blog, so I figured why not give you a peek into my beach house pantry.  I use the term pantry loosely.  It’s more like a kitchen cabinet from 1993, which sits atop my teal formica countertops from 1993.  But alas, kitchen upgrades are something I must forego in order to afford said beach lifestyle.   In fact, my kitchen countertops are so old that the teal color very closely resembles Sherwin Williams 2018 color of the year – Oceanside SW 6496.  Lesson of minimalism:  what goes around comes around, so all that is required to be trendy is to do nothing for long enough.

So, this pantry is basically everything I need to survive, along with a fridge full of fresh produce.  I’ve been trying to take my own advice when it comes to paring down, which is reflected in everything except the bottom shelf of tea.  Minimalists are allowed to have excessive amounts of the things they most value, which for me is hot beverages.

What could I stand to let go of?

Top shelf:  Definitely ditching the rice wrappers.  Nori sheets are less trouble and taste better in my opinion, when I’m in the mood to wrap something up.  Veggie broth is a staple for quick homemade soups.  It must stay.

Second shelf:  No future need for sunflower seed butter, and maca powder.  Definitely dig tahini over the sunbutter, and cacao over the maca.  Using those two up and no plans to replace.  Besides that I’ve got 1 legume (lentils), 1 grain (brown rice), and 1 cereal (steel cut oats)

Third shelf:  Got my standard spices:  salt, pepper, and curry.  The seasonal spices (pumpkin pie and gingerbread) are leftovers from last year, so I’m just using those up, and Old Bay, because…beach lifestyle.  Wasabi is for my nori wraps, and olive oil is for cooking and for my face, because I like to moisturize after hovering over a steaming pot of food.  Then we’ve got coconut milk (for curries), pumpkin puree (seasonal), tomatoes, and beans.  My go-to beans are garbanzo beans, black beans, and aduki beans, if I can find them.  There’s also a can of refried beans and green chilis hiding in the back, waiting for Mexican night.

Bottom shelf:  The tea shelf is where there are a lot of leftovers from my health craze.  What doesn’t need to be there is protein powder (I prefer my super seed smoothie mix instead…equal parts hemp seed, chia seed, and ground flaxseed).  Chlorella can go, because I only need 1 green powder for smoothies, and Amazing Grass does the trick.  Golden Milk doesn’t make the cut, just because matcha tastes better to me.  My other tea rotation varies wildly based upon my grocery store whims.  Stevia is a staple in my house…it seems to be the only sweetener that doesn’t mess with my blood sugar or my gut health.

That’s a wrap on the pantry tour.  Would you like a tour of my teal countertop?  You got it!


Kitchen Envy, I Know.


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