Getting Wet & Other Keys To Happiness

trail shoes

Day 1, the only day they were ever clean.

I looked outside this morning, and it was pouring down rain.  One of those warm, soaking, spring rains that looked like it would pour for hours.  ‘Not a problem,’ I thought.  I now own trail running shoes, also known as the shoes that are allowed to go anywhere, getting as dirty & wet as they please.

Trail running has reminded me that getting outside, getting wet, and getting muddy are keys to happiness.  One of those things I knew instinctively when I was a kid, but later forgot as I started paying for my own shoes.

I laugh at the progression of my recent 50K trail race, how I celebrated at keeping my feet dry while crossing the first stream.  By Mile 18, I was covered with mud and plowing through a deeper stream without a second thought, pretty stoked that I could not avoid the water, and thus the decision was made for me.

When did I start deciding to become so foo-foo in my everyday life?  Foo-foo meaning too clean to go digging in the garden because I was wearing my nice pants, too cold to play in the snow, and too inconvenienced by the rain to throw on a raincoat and go splash in a puddle.  Did I have better things to do, like staying indoors and checking my email?  Do I even want people to know that I check my email?

Today was different.  I am a trail runner now.  I told my feet to suck it up.  Trail shoes went on.  The dog and I went out for a solid hour of puddle splashing and sniffing.  We both returned soaked and happy.  A person (and her dog) can only get so wet, and once we reach that saturation point, we can relax and start enjoying the moment.

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